Fruit and Veggie Dips, No Bake Cheesecakes!

At RZ's Dips 'N' D'lights, we offer packaged dips and no-bake cheesecake products along with sugar-free mixes. Our products have no preservatives, no MSG, are gluten free and use all natural ingredients. We make them all ourselves with love and attention. We truly want you to taste the difference!

Our mixes are easy to make, and only require a few basic ingredients. Most dips can be used in a variety of ways and can also be made as a fat-free option. Cheesecake mixes can also be made into a Mousse, Cake Icing or Parfait, Fruit Salad and even Bagel spreads!


Like a little spice but not quite ready for Habanero? Then our Poppin' Pepper dip is for you! It has a lot of flavor and a lot of zing without setting you on fire! It is a great dip for chips or veggies, but try this one as a marinade or a meat rub. Looking for a nice side dish with a little boldness? Add this mix to the water when making your rice! Sprinkle in any casserole that you want to add a little zip to!

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