Fruit and Veggie Dips, No Bake Cheesecakes!

At RZ's Dips 'N' D'lights, we offer packaged dips and no-bake cheesecake products along with sugar-free mixes. Our products have no preservatives, no MSG, are gluten free and use all natural ingredients. We make them all ourselves with love and attention. We truly want you to taste the difference!

Our mixes are easy to make, and only require a few basic ingredients. Most dips can be used in a variety of ways and can also be made as a fat-free option. Cheesecake mixes can also be made into a Mousse, Cake Icing or Parfait, Fruit Salad and even Bagel spreads!


You want to go for the gusto? Our Blastin' Habenero dip is for you! Lots of flavor with just enough heat to sizzle your taste buds! Always a hit for that tailgating party. Try using it at a meat rub on your favorite steaks, chops, chicken or ribs. Also, this is a great marinade. Definitely a bold flavor for those who like to live on the wild side!

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