Welcome to our website and let me introduce ourselves. We are Rodney and Sharon Kirk. Over the years, we have tried a variety of business adventures. Although each was successful, they were not satisfying. Then along came an opportunity to break into a relatively new area – packaged dips and no-bake cheesecakes.

We have been in business now for five years and still find it to be stimulating, challenging and rewarding. There is nothing in this world like working for yourself. With our growth, we have been able to also share the opportunity with our entire family – truly a family business. You have probably met our daughter or youngest son out on the craft show or festival road somewhere!

It is important to us to offer a product that has no preservatives, no msg, gluten free, and all natural. Being able offer sugar free products is the most rewarding for all the diabetics and dieters in the world. We welcome you to browse our complete product line and give them a try. We truly want you to "Taste the Difference”.