Cheesy Bacon

These two flavors are a match made in heaven! This is the creamiest cheddar cheese you have ever tasted and has just the right amount of bacon to make you smile! The Cheesy Bacon is always a popular dip.

To Prepare

  • 1 packet Cheesy Bacon dip mix
  1. Cheesy Bacon is a super dip, but is also a nice touch to your baked potato or other hot veggies! Feel like mixing things up? Don’t get in a rut of only using this as a dip. This is also an awesome cheeseball served with your favorite crackers. Mix the dip package with 2 packages of cream cheese and form into cheeseball or a cheese log. Then roll into chopped nuts. This makes a beautiful presentation and a nice change of pace!

  2. Panicking about what to serve the kids for lunch? Add a little milk to thin the dip and then add some cooked macaroni to it. Cheater’s mac and cheese!