Fresh dill at its finest!

To Prepare

  • 1 packet Dill-icious dip mix
  1. Fresh dill at its finest! This makes a wonderfully fresh tasting dip or make it a cheese ball by mixing the package with 2 bricks of cream cheese.

  2. Do you ever make veggie pizzas? This is one of my favorite spreads for the top of the dinner crescent rolls or pizza dough. Crispy Cuke, Sesame Garlic, Glorious Garlic, Bloomin’ Onion, or Sweet Pepper and Tomato are all good choices for your veggie pizza, too!

  3. If Salmon is on the menu, dill-icious is a great seasoning for it. Just sprinkle it on or blend as a dip and spread it over the top. Flavored potatoes anyone? This one is a great choice!