Glorious Garlic

Our Glorious Garlic dip is truly named correctly and it was the dip that launched our business! It is always gobbled up when served for any occasion. It’s an awesome dip but lends itself well as a cheese ball or cheese spread, too!

To Prepare

  • 1 packet Glorious Garlic dip mix
  1. Do you enjoy playing in the kitchen? Adapt your baked brie recipe by using our Glorious Garlic mixed with 2 cream cheese in place of the brie. Roll out a can of Dinner Crescent rolls and put the chilled cream cheese mixture in the center of the dough. Cook according to package directions and serve. Fabulous!

  2. Flavor your potatoes with this, or add the seasoning package to the water when making instant rice. Do you like flavored butters? This one is great. Top off your favorite steak. No matter how you serve this one, it is the bomb!