Southwest Jalapeño

Our Southwest Jalapeño dip is one our most popular options, it is not a “hot” dip. This is all about flavor, not heat.

To Prepare

  • 1 packet Southwest Jalapeño
  1. I don’t even use black pepper and this is one of my favorites! There are so many things to do with this one: excellent dip, sandwich spread, and seasoning. Or mix the package with 2 bricks of cream cheese and make into an excellent cheeseball or cheese log and then roll it crushed nacho chips. Slice and serve on your favorite crackers.

  2. Make pinwheel appetizers by mixing with 2 bricks of cream cheese and then spread on tortillas. Roll tightly and cut into slices. What and excellent finger food for your buffet table or your next tailgating party! Try it each way and see which way you like best! It will be a tough decision, I promise you!