Sweet Pepper and Tomato

By far, our Sweet Pepper and Tomato dip the most unique dip flavor ever. It is absolutely by personal favorite, and if I could only have one package of dip, this is the one I would choose!

To Prepare

  • 1 packet Sweet Pepper and Tomato dip mix
  1. It does not have a tomato or sweet pepper flavor, although that it is what it is made of. All I can tell you is that it is nothing like you think it is going to be! It is our # 1 seller, and for good reason. It is delicious! You must let this dip set for 24 hours, but to be honest, I like to leave it for 48 hours. The longer this sets, the more flavorful it gets and I promise you it is worth the wait. Try dipping veggies, crackers, etc., and see what you think! One friend uses this when making her chicken salad!